About this blog

I have decided to create this blog as I am so intrigued to see how media is portraying  stories involving the Roma community. Even so I am not of Roma origins, I must say that during my childhood, under the communism regime in Romania, I have lived around Roma people. We all played together and shared same ideology. This is my tool in presenting to you all stories I come across, also, stories I have listened in the past.

I strongly believe we are all equal and Roma people deserves a better portyal in news and a better understanding of those who refusses to understand this way of life.


Marius Ciobanu

More about myself

I was born and grown up in Romania. I was educated and worked there until I went to London to study BSc HONS Media and Society Studies at  South Bank University.

I have experience in working with traditional print and broadcast media. Before going to London, I worked in radio broadcasting in Romania presenting a daily radio show.

My degree in Media Studies  allowed me to learn more about British culture and its media. After September 11, 2001 I was very intrigued to see how media portrayed Muslims in the British press. Guantanamo Bay was a very delicate issue and wanted to find more. To imprison people with no right to a lawyer is against of human rights. Therefore, I have decided to write my dissertation about it.

Another study for university was a research about the anniversary of the war in Iraq, portrayed in the British Press. I was not shocked to find out that one of the papers was pro war in Iraq.

I used to work voluntarily for the radio Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, presenting the Request Show. I was freelance to Radio France International in London. The last reports were about the Gleneagles Summit, Live 8 and the London bombings of 7 July 2005.

I can be reached on mariusfciobanu@hotmail.com


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